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Steeped in fascinating history and surrounded by the most enchanting of gardens, Woodborough Hall is a Grade II* Listed Hall and the perfect venue to create lasting memories with those dearest to you.

The Hall has now been lovingly restored and transformed back into the timelessly elegant Country House it once was, ready to welcome you through its doors once again.

Circa 7th Century

A fortress is built on the site of the current hall, originally called Udeburg. In Old Saxon ‘Ude’ means ‘wood’ and ‘burg’ means ‘fort’.


The Manor, owned by a Saxon Thane called Ulchel, is given to William the Conqueror’s son William Peveril – the Sheriff of Nottingham at the time. Shortly after, the manor is then gifted to a loyal Norman Knight. The De Wodeburg family hold the land until 1336.


Philip Lacock buys the manor from the Bold family and builds the Hall which stands today.


Elizabeth Bainbridge, one of the Lacock family, leaves a large estate of 690 acres to her cousin, the Rev Philip Story. Story adds a third floor to the Hall and a new slate roof.


After remaining in the same two families for the majority of the next 600 years, John Ingall Werg buys the Hall in only the second sale since the Norman Conquest.


Mansfield Parkyns returns to England after nine years of exploration in Abyssinia and buys the Hall for the sum of £4,500. Several alterations are made, as celebrated local architect T.C. Hine incorporates the ornate carved main staircase and stained glass windows.


Charles Hose Hill purchases the Hall and in 1917, introduces piped water from the reservoir in Stanley Wood which sits on the hill above the Hall.


The government purchases the Hall as an official residence for the AOC N.12 Fighter Group of the RAF. In 1959, the tenancy passes to the Army and a number of alterations are made to the entrance and the dining room.


The Hall is taken over and renovations begin to transform it into a hospitality venue, starting with the rebuilding of the Orangery.

Present Day

With restorations completed after recently coming under new ownership, the beautiful Hall combines classic country charm with exquisite cuisine as part of wider grand plans for its future.

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